Get Your Annual Fertility Health Check-Up!

Get Your Annual Fertility Health Check-Up!

August 3, 2020 0

Your fertility health check-up must go above and beyond a simple Pap smear. A reproductive exam must include the health of your thyroid. Be proactive with your fertility health and make sure you are not at risk for infertility.

Female Fertility Health

A slightly elevated blood pressure can increase your risk of heart disease. Hypertension is a silent killer because you may not experience any obvious signs or symptoms. You must have your vital signs check yearly – or – more often if you are experiencing discomfort.

  • Blood Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Height
  • Weight
  • BMI

A patient’s Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is an indirect measurement of her body’s metabolism. Metabolism is controlled by the thyroid gland. Having a BBT of less than 97.4 degrees Fahrenheit is diagnostic of hypothyroidism. Patients symptomatic of hypothyroidism are screened with a comprehensive panel of thyroid blood. However, normal blood test results can be found in patients who are quite symptomatic of hypothyroidism.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing

Thyroid blood tests diagnose certain types of hypothyroidism. Patients can be suffering from hypothyroidism even though they have normal levels of thyroid hormones in their blood.

– TSH – Anti-Thyroid Antibodies
– Total and Free T3 – Anti-Thyroglobin Antibodies
– Total and Free T4 – Prolactin
– Reverse T3 (rT3) – Vitamin B12/Vitamin D3

Elevated TSH Level

Failure of the thyroid gland itself is diagnosed when the TSH level is elevated.

  • Hypothyroidism resulting from autoimmune Thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s) is diagnosed when anti-thyroid antibodies are detected.
  • When a patient has low TSH, T3, and T4 – possibly with an elevated prolactin level – the origin indicates Hypothyroidism of a Pituitary or Hypothalamic
  • High levels of reverse T3 indicate an adrenal gland issue, which is a result of chronic stress
  • When a symptomatic patient has low total T3 and vitamin B 12 levels, subclinical hypothyroidism exists

Basal Body Temperature Measurement (BBT)

The thyroid gland controls the metabolism of each and every cell in the human body. If there is not enough active thyroid hormone (T3) getting into cells, the metabolism will be slowed – as reflected by a low BBT. Having a BBT of less than 97.4 degrees Fahrenheit is diagnostic of hypothyroidism. When a hypothyroid individual is adequately treated with thyroid supplemental therapy, the BBT will be over 98.0 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is the BBT an excellent diagnostic tool, it also is an excellent method for documenting the adequacy of treatment. Improvements in a person’s symptoms correlates very well with the BBT.

Period Regularity

Both heavy and light menstrual cycles are of concern to your fertility.

  • Regular periods?
  • Irregular periods?
  • Cramping?
  • Heavy bleeding?
  • Light bleeding?

These are all concerns to be addressed with your doctor.

Breast and Pelvic Organs Check

Every year – you should undergo a Pap smear to screen-out any potential risk of cervical cancer. Microscopic cells are collected from your cervix during the exam. Your gynecologist also feel-checks your breast and pelvic organs – cervix, uterus, ovaries.

A Healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)

A healthy body weight and diet is essential to increasing your chances of becoming pregnant. Strive to achieve and maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI) to keep your reproductive cycle in balance. A BMI of 19 to 24 indicates a healthy weight. Anything above 24 or below 19 may be hindering your chances of ovulation and conception.

Hypothyroidism Therapy Expertise

Dr. Hugh Melnick pays close attention to the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism – a common condition among women suffering from infertility.

Conduct your initial consultation with the Doctor via telephone, Skype or FaceTime.

Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Hugh Melnick at Advanced Fertility Services by calling 212.369.8700 – or – clicking the icon below.

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