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Treating Thyroid Disorders


Using Tsh levels as a screening test for hypothyroidism, many symptomatic individuals will be misdiagnosed and denied treatment.


A person’s symptoms are too often ignored by physicians, but they are the real key to the successful diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism.

Blood Testing

People may actually have hypothyroidism when their blood tests are in the ‘normal” range.


The level of total t3 (and not free t3) in the blood is crucial and correlates best with a person’s symptoms.

Comprehensive Tests

The presence of antithyroid antibodies in the blood are the most important, yet overlooked, diagnostic blood tests for symptomatic individuals.


Treatment using natural thyroid medication made from the thyroid gland of pigs (natural desiccated thyroid), which contains several types of natural thyroid hormones, is superior to treatment with synthetic thyroid hormones, such as synthroid, which are exclusively t4, a weak thyroid that must be converted into t3.

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