Find Doctors Who Offer Hypothyroidism Treatment in NYC

Find Doctors Who Offer Hypothyroidism Treatment in NYC

May 20, 2015 0

Treatment of hypothyroidism, or under active thyroid function, is prescribed hormone therapy of T3 and T4. T4 is the most used, as it is able to create T3 in the bloodstream as well, and give the patient the full hormone therapy benefits.

Monitoring for  HypothyroidismDoctor-Thyroid-Treatment

Therapy for hypothyroidism is monitored by doctors who offer hypothyroidism treatment at six week intervals until the blood tests show the patient’s hormone level is stable. During these visits, a blood sample is checked for TSH to see if the right amount of thyroid replacement hormone is being given. The goal is to maintain TSH levels within normal limits. Depending on which thyroid testing lab used, values may vary, but doctors who offer hypothyroidism treatment diagnose a normal TSH range as between 0.5 to 5.0uIU/ml. Once stable, the TSH need be checked only yearly.

Warning of Over Treatment

Over-treating hypothyroidism with too much thyroid medication is potentially harmful and can cause heart beat irregularity and lack of blood pressure control. Expert doctors who offer hypothyroidism treatment are very knowledgeable that drugs treating hypothyroidism can also contribute to osteoporosis. Every effort should be made to keep your TSH within the normal range and to find other therapy treatment if you have a history of heart disease or blood pressure issues.

Thyroidologists Specializing in Hypothyroidism

Due to the medical warnings given above, it is imperative that you select a thyroid specialist who has extensive expertise in treating hypothyroidism. This must be a specialist with expertise beyond that of an endocrinologist, who might not treat the thyroid as a specialty. The American Thyroid Association can refer you to a thyroid specialist in your locale who can diagnose, treat, and monitor your thyroid issues plus any resulting medical problems.

Dr. Hugh D. Melnick of NYC is acclaimed as an expert hypothyroidism physician who can also treat the accompanying issues which frequently cause the patient additional medical difficulty. He is also an expert in treating infertility and childbearing difficulties caused by thyroid dysfunction as well as all types and degrees of thyroid diseases and ailments which frequently are causative factors for medical issues seemingly unrelated to the lay person.

His office has expertise in performing the thyroid tests necessary to determine the TSH range level as well as detecting any nodules or indications of other thyroid distress, including cancer of the thyroid. This expertise has endowed Dr. Melnick with equal expert accreditation in the fertility and OB-GYN specializations.

Contact the efficient and friendly staff of Hugh D. Melnick, M.D. in New York City for an initial conference and consultation regarding any thyroid dysfunction symptoms you may experience.

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