How To Locate a Thyroid Doctor in New York From the United Kingdom

How To Locate a Thyroid Doctor in New York From the United Kingdom

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There are a number of websites online, unfortunately, with unhelpful, inaccurate information about thyroid diseases and they should be ignored. The British Thyroid Association has recognised patient support information sites. The BTA is the only professional organisation in the UK of research doctors and consultants accredited by having completed higher professional training in thyroid and related endocrine diseases.   NYC-Doctor-Thyroid

The above caveat being noted, now it may be said that the UK resident wishing to locate a top rated thyroidologist with  medical practice in the United States need only consult two sources:

  1. British Thyroid Association – to determine from their index of international thyroidologists the name and contact information for the leading practicing specialist in your desired part of the U.S.
  2. American Thyroid Association – the organization which keeps a timely list of top regarded specialists in the field of thyroidology or endocrinology.  Skype access should provide the UK resident and his UK physician with easy thorough communication and exchange of important medical records of the patient with the American specialist.  The list reveals specialists by country, state, and city for the convenience of inquiries.

Selecting an American Thyroidologist and Why

The UK citizen who is in the UK and desiring a thyroidologist with a practice in the U .S., perhaps a thyroid doctor in New York, may have several compelling reasons for this choice.  Perhaps the resident is contemplating a move to the U. S. and needs to have his medical specialist already informed and on board before making the Atlantic Ocean transition, or simply respects a highly qualified thyroid doctor in New York.

Convenience and Assurance

Perhaps other reasons for the consultation with an American specialist are simply desiring the second opinion by a respected thyroid specialist in the U.S., perhaps a thyroid doctor in New York with whom the patient and/or his UK physician has previous knowledge.  The thyroid may be a minute gland, but has enormous clout and control over your important body and mental functions: sluggishness, lack of focus, no concentration, excessive weight, sleep problems and lack of interest, energy or zest for work, play, or home life.

Too Important to Go With The Flow

Most urgent among needs for the UK and thyroid doctor in New York consultation is the appearance of nodules in your thyroid and a dicey pathology report.  These can be minute but real sign of cancer within the thyroid.  The suggestion of a malignancy certainly is cause to obtain a second opinion from that respected thyroid doctor in New York, and the top specialists in the field both at home and in the U.S.

A second opinion in this case to chart your course on a life and death journey is highly recommended.

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