Are Depression and Fatigue Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Are Depression and Fatigue Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

June 5, 2014 0

Are Depression and Fatigue Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Yes, depression and fatigue are both symptoms of hypothyroidism, but like many things in the field of medicine, the answer isn’t quite that simple.  Doctor-NYC

As you might imagine, there are a lot of diagnoses that encompass these two symptoms, so doctors have to narrow the field before they make things definitive.

Playing the Waiting Game

Since these are some of the earliest symptoms of hypothyroidism, you can expect to be dealing with them longer than you may want to. This fact isn’t simply the fault of medicine.

While it is true that thyroid conditions might not enter the diagnostic spectrum right away, it is equally true that many at-risk patients discount their symptoms as the effects of stress and age. In fact, a cluster of signs has to show up before either group usually considers a thyroid problem.

There are over 300 thyroid-related symptoms on record. It isn’t possible to have all of them, however it is possible to have them present in atypical combinations. It is important to keep your doctor informed about any health problems you may be experiencing.

Pushing for Answers

Self- advocacy is no easy task, but there are times when it is a necessary one. Thyroid symptoms can be very hard to catch, so you as the patient need to be the one to say when.

We don’t recommend saying when until at least the following three things have happened:

1. You’ve found a specialist willing to treat you based on your symptoms, not your lab results.

2. They are prepared to run a full thyroid panel and/or perform thyroflex tests.

3. They will adjust your medication and support it with lifestyle changes so that you achieve a healthy and stable balance.

This is the most comprehensive way to treat symptoms of hypothyroidism.

The first step has to be awareness. Get that right and the rest will fall into place. with persistence and research. The most important thing: don’t give up. You may feel like giving up, but don’t. Persevere and you will find answers.

The more struggling patients who understand that, the better off we will be, especially where testing and diagnostics are concerned. The only way we really change things is by working together as one cohesive and fully informed team.

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