Find Thyroid Medication For Hypothyroidism in NYC

Find Thyroid Medication For Hypothyroidism in NYC

May 30, 2014 0

Find Thyroid Medication For Hypothyroidism in NYC

Thyroid medication varies by condition. For hypothyroidism, there are three main categorical choices:

1. Supports T4 hormone production (inactive version of hormone)

2. Supports T3 hormone production (active version of hormone)

3. Supports both T3 and T4 hormone production

When it comes to stabilizing your thyroid, specialists in-the-know recommend using complementary thyroid medication.  Doctor-Thyroid

In other words, they use drug therapy that supports the production of both hormone stages. It’s still too common for doctors to take a single drug approach.

Are We Masking a Problem or are We Fixing it?

This really needs to be the first question a medical professional asks about hypothyroidism. The standard thyroid test already does a lot of damage where diagnosis is concerned.

Patients who are stuck relying on the standard blood panel for their thyroid condition could end up living with undiagnosed thyroid problems for years before the root cause is finally found. Not only do the symptoms make life very difficult, by the time thyroid medication is brought into the conversation, stabilizing the gland could take months.

To add insult to injury, by only supporting T4 hormone production, doctors are creating your thyroid problem, not fixing it. Medications like Synthroid will bring your hormone levels up, but they won’t help your body convert that hormone supply into a usable tool to support you cellular make-up.

As a result, your tests will normalize, even if your tell-tale symptoms remain. The standard solution: anti-depressants. Yet another mask to hide real symptoms behind.

Removing the Masks and Treating the Problem

It turns out that a greater number of hypothyroidism patients respond to a combination treatment; one that involves a comprehensive T3 and T4 producing thyroid medication and supportive lifestyle changes.

Why take this approach over another one? It covers ground most thyroid specialists fail to mention. For instance, it can take several tries to narrow down the right medication and dosage. Even after doing so, it usually takes about 6 months to really start feeling better. Once your symptoms start to improve, certain residual effects might remain.

Supporting your thyroid medication with a healthy lifestyle helps to manage stress, alleviate vitamin deficiencies, and support mental acuity; all things that can continue to aggravate hypothyroidism symptoms even after treatment.

Talk to a specialist about taking a better condition-based approach.

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