Can My Underactive Thyroid Be Causing Brain Fog and Memory Loss

Can My Underactive Thyroid Be Causing Brain Fog and Memory Loss

May 27, 2014 0

Can My Underactive Thyroid Be Causing Brain Fog and Memory Loss

Yes, an underactive thyroid has been known to cause memory loss known as brain fog. The episodes are only temporary, but without treatment for the underlying condition, these episodes can be difficult to handle.  NYC-Thyroid-Doctor

The Intersection of Stress and Symptom

The most difficult aspect of diagnosing brain fog is that it can get written off as something else entirely. It’s not uncommon for patients to mistake it as a simple stress response or the effects of age. In fact, underactive thyroid often gets treated similarly – at first.

The progression of either symptom is slow. Patients may initially notice that they are more tired than usual or that they are struggling with mood swings more often. As the neurotransmitters in the brain continue to deteriorate, they will start to confuse words, have difficulty articulating their thoughts, and struggle to think clearly.

How do you know if an underactive thyroid is the problem? Consider what other symptoms brain fog is accompanied by. Are you seeing changes in your skin and hair? Have you noticed changes to your menstrual cycle? Are you constipated, constantly tired, anxious and depressed? These things all point to a hormone imbalance in your thyroid.

Treatment will help eliminate symptoms and reduce the occurrence of brain fog.

Why Reduce and not Eliminate?

Lapses in concentration and thought process will still happen, even with thyroid treatment. There simply isn’t a way to completely avoid that. However, treatment will make those episodes less severe.

A balance needs to be struck not just by the body, but also diagnostically. Since things like stress and fatigue can trigger averse neurological responses, specialists need to be able to show patients more than just how to medicate their symptoms; the focus also needs to incorporate management.

Doctors have discovered that hormone therapy backed by lifestyle changes allows both the brain and body to remain in balance with one another. Maintaining that balance manages and reduces the severity of cascading symptoms.

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