Finding a Top Thyroid Center in Manhattan

Finding a Top Thyroid Center in Manhattan

April 22, 2014 0

Finding a Top Thyroid Center in Manhattan

Thyroid conditions can make you feel as if you’re losing your mind. Why? The production of too much or too little hormone not only raises anxiety levels and causes concentration problems, it can be hard to detect if doctors aren’t using the right tests.  Doctor-Thyroid

Your symptoms will continue and can remain undetected for several months or even years before the levels are bad enough to be detected on the standard test.

So, where does this leave undiagnosed thyroid patients? At the intersection of knowledge and perseverance.

The Intersection of Knowledge & Perseverance

If you have a thyroid condition, you need to know about it as soon as possible. It really is that simple. Once you have more knowledge about what’s happening to your body, you can make the wisest decision regarding treatment.

Too many patients leave decisions about their personal health up to primary care physicians. The problem with this is a primary care physician has general knowledge about many things, but can’t offer much in the way of specified knowledge.

This means they will run a standard test for thyroid function. If that test comes back in normal range, that’s as far as they will take the issue.

In reality, calling the test a standard is misleading. There is no standard range for what is abnormal. Unfortunately, you could have abnormal thyroid function and, because of the values your doctor chooses to use, the test will come back normal repeatedly until your TSH skyrockets and you have an advanced thyroid problem.

This is where perseverance comes in.

Changing Course: Taking Charge of Medical Decision-Making

Patients often begin to get agitated and frustrated when the cause of their symptoms doesn’t present itself. If you haven’t started looking, it’s time to find a top-rated thyroid center.

There is more to your thyroid gland than just hormone replacement or suppression. To get the best care possible, you need to find a specialist who will look at the entire range of your thyroid function and customize the treatment plan to normalize and stabilize that function.

Some patients respond very well to medication solutions in the short-term and lifestyle changes in the long-term. Other patients do need to be on medication for life. The path that you take depends on where you go for help. Therefore, you need to find the right source.

Simply click below to have us contact you or call us at 212-419-5228. All testing is done on-site and all major insurances are accepted.

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