How to Find a Good Thyroid Center in NYC

How to Find a Good Thyroid Center in NYC

April 17, 2014 0

How to Find a Good Thyroid Center in NYC

Thyroid conditions affect every cell of your body from head to toe. That statement should have more impact than it does. The sad truth is these glandular problems can cause more than 300 symptoms, including heart disease, kidney stones, and miscarriages.  Doctor-Thyroid-Treatment

Even with all of the research stacked up, finding a thyroid center can prove difficult. As of right now, 300 million people suffer from thyroid conditions worldwide. Barely half of that total get diagnosed and treated. This statistic is unacceptable. We will do our part to help you narrow down the best treatment centers available.

3 Things to Look For in Any Thyroid Center

Unfortunately, there is no standard way to go about treating a thyroid condition. The plain truth of the matter is that it’s not taken seriously by the majority in the medical field.

Before you start to despair, know that you are not alone, but that it will just take longer than it really should to get treatment.

Your job: don’t give up. We will help expedite the process by giving you three important keys to finding the best treatment in the city.

Key #1: Research – This step is crucial. Many patients treat their symptoms themselves in the beginning and by the time those symptoms have worsened, they don’t know where to turn. Don’t make that same mistake. Look into thyroid conditions, and if you think you have one, add specialty research to your list of topics.

Key #2: Advocate – Once you’ve found a thyroid center – either by research or referral – find out about what they do for your condition. Initially, don’t be surprised if they try to minimize what you’re feeling and blame it on another condition. Advocate for yourself based on what you know, and you could help move the diagnostic process along successfully.

Key #3: Push for the full blood panel – The sign of a good thyroid center is one that looks at the entire blood work panel, not just TSH and T4. Many doctors are reluctant to do a full panel. Don’t be afraid to push for it and have them take extra blood for the test.

The most important thing to remember is that this is your body, so have the courage to stand up and fight for your health.

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