Thyroid Problems and How They Could Be Associated With Infertility

Thyroid Problems and How They Could Be Associated With Infertility

April 2, 2014 0

Thyroid Problems and How They Could Be Associated With Infertility

Several links have been discovered between thyroid problems and infertility. For many women, this is an unseen side effect of their thyroid condition. Often, they don’t even think to get their thyroid function checked if they are having problems conceiving. Hopefully, articles like this one will start changing minds.  137952106_sm

3 Ways Thyroid Problems and Infertility go Hand-in-Hand

Thyroid problems cause cascading health issues for patients. Some of these symptoms are easier to see than others. Infertility can often be in the mix, but also gets missed because there are several reasons it could be happening.

Reason #1: Ovarian cysts – Low thyroid function can cause benign ovarian cysts to form inside the tissue. These cysts can stop eggs from being released by the body. If no egg is released, there is nothing for the sperm to fertilize.

Reason #2: Irregular menstrual cycles – Typically, this irregularity is noticed by patients, but the internal effects are less obvious. When you’re cycle isn’t regulated, neither is your ovulation. It is possible to have a period without the release of an egg. This means you will have all the signs of fertility, but none of the material.

Reason #3: Increase in prolactin levels – This hormonal change stimulates the production of breast milk, but generate too much of it and it actually halts your menstrual cycle and your ability to ovulate, making pregnancy very unlikely.

Additionally, if you do get pregnant and your thyroid condition is either undiagnosed or improperly treated, you run a high-risk of miscarriage. How high? Answer: 290% more likely to go into pre-term labor or lose the baby altogether.

Women who want to get pregnant have to make sure that they check their thyroid function for their own good and the good of their unborn child.

It will take time for normal function to be restored. Patients usually begin responding to thyroid treatment within four months. That said, if after your thyroid condition is diagnosed, you don’t get pregnant within six months, it’s time to see a specialist to find out what’s going on. The result may indicates that the problem is not your thyroid gland.

Awareness is the biggest hurdle to jump over when it comes to thyroid problems and continued infertility.

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