All About Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain or Weight Loss

All About Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain or Weight Loss

February 26, 2014 0

All About Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain or Weight Loss

Hypothyroidism comes with several life altering side effects. One of the side effects is unexplained weight gain. Due to a hormone deficiency that leaves your thyroid underactive, your metabolic rate slows down significantly, causing you to gain weight.  137952106_sm

If left untreated, this metabolic imbalance makes it almost impossible for you to lose the excess pounds once their gained. A sluggish metabolic rate when combined with increased amounts of cortisol release by your adrenal glands, means that you will have an increasingly difficult time losing body weight without treatment.

A Tough Pill to Swallow

Generally, by the time symptoms like weight gain are showing up, an accurate diagnosis of hypothyroidism isn’t far off. If this is the prime suspect behind your weight gain, the conversation usually goes something like this:

Due to the way hypothyroidism works, you may have gained a significant amount of weight. Once your medications are in the right balance, the weight should come off without an issue.

Sounds sensible and straightforward, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, many patients discover that the road to weight loss isn’t nearly as simple as doctors try to make it seem. In fact, it’s not uncommon for your weight to still be an issue several months into your treatment.

At this point, your doctor will likely make the argument that your weight problem is no longer affected by your thyroid function and it’s time to consider other factors that may be behind it. Patients in-the-know will tell you this argument is a little premature.

Adjusting to a “New Normal”

These blanket statements from your doctor may very well have you scratching your head; especially if you are already medication compliant, eating a low calorie diet, and exercising every day.

Regrettably, depending on how long it took for you to get diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you may be looking at a long road back to your weight loss goal, but that doesn’t mean the goal is unattainable. You’re just going to have to approach things differently.

Specifically, you’ll have to break three bad habits associated with prolonged hypothyroidism:

  1. A changed metabolic set-point
  2. Changes in brain chemistry related to illness or stress
  3. Insulin resistance

Underactive hormone production has set off a chain reaction in your body. Losing weight will involve pushing the biological reset button. Nutritionists can help.

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