How Long Do I Have To Take Thyroid Medication

How Long Do I Have To Take Thyroid Medication

January 30, 2014 0

How Long Do I Have To Take Thyroid Medication

It can take a considerably long time for a thyroid condition to develop and be properly diagnosed. In between the development and diagnosis patients can experience symptoms that begin to encroach on their daily life and functionality.  2-1

Given how long they may suffer untreated; it’s understandable that they might have a series of questions about their thyroid medication. First and foremost, how long do they have to take the medication? We will provide a treatment overview that addresses this question and several others that are frequently asked by new thyroid patients.

The In’s & Outs of Thyroid Medication

Whether your gland is producing too much thyroid hormone or too little; medications help to suppress or supplement the hormone production in the gland, thus bringing your body back into balance.

Balance is important, especially to thyroid function, because the hormone it produces is essential to fueling your body on a metabolic and cellular level. For example, have you had an unexplained issue with weight gain and only recently discovered that your thyroid gland is underactive? Weight gain that is sudden and resistive to diet and exercise can be a window into your thyroid condition.

The weight gain isn’t actually from fat. it’s a combination of two things:

1.  Slow metabolic function

2. Fluid retention in the body

Over time, your thyroid medication can help bring your metabolic rate under control and make it easier to shed the unwanted pounds.

How much time? Well, it takes a few weeks for the medication to build up in your system. After that, there the dosage adjustment period to account for. Your doctor will typically start you out on a low-dose synthetic hormone supplement to begin the stabilization process.

From Low to Stable: The Road back to Health

The stabilization process can take up to one year. That may seem like a long time, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not. The truth is this is simply the first of many prescription adjustments you can expect over the course of your lifetime.

Yes, a thyroid condition requires that you take either a suppressant or a supplement for life. As of yet, there is no other medically endorsed way to restore healthy thyroid function. Your physician will monitor your thyroid about once every three months to make sure your functionality has stabilized. Small adjustments in your dosage level will be made until the ideal balance is established.

After the initial diagnosis and treatment, you will continue to be monitored regularly. A physician may recommend some dietary and lifestyle changes that support your treatment.

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