Is The Thyroflex Test Accurate

Is The Thyroflex Test Accurate

December 19, 2013 0

Is The Thyroflex Test Accurate

Doctors and patients have questioned the accuracy of the standard thyroid test for years. While it is accurate, that accuracy has its limits. One of the main concerns for thyroid specialists is the different phases of hormone function in and outside of the gland.  Doctor-Thyroid-Treatment

Your thyroid gland is responsible for metabolic and immune functions within your body. There are three different places that those functional stages occur:

  1. The gland where hormones are produced and stored (known as T3 stage)
  2. The blood stream where active hormone gets distributed (T4 stage)
  3. Pituitary gland where thyroid function is directed by the brain (TSH stage)

A standard blood test only accounts for the T4 and TSH stages; it doesn’t accurately account for hormone usage on a cellular level. Enter: Thyroflex Test. A new form of reflexology that may change the way we understand and treat thyroid conditions.

It’s all in the Wrist

A thyroid condition is progressive. Meaning; it can start out with very mild, almost undetectable, symptoms. If those symptoms go untreated, they will worsen. Thyroid conditions can get to a severe or critical level before treatment is administered. There are two factors that have a hand in late-stage diagnostics:

  1. Patient knowledge
  2. The testing used

Depending on your lifestyle and lab results, an undetected thyroid condition can persist for years before you start showing pronounced symptoms.

Patients chalk their symptoms up to hormonal changes, stress, pregnancy, and age; failing to realize something much more serious is going on. Doctors look for markers, but the condition has to progress to a pronounced level before those markers show up in pituitary function and blood work.

The Thyroflex Test works differently. It uses a quiz and simple reflex test to measure the effectiveness of your thyroid function with 98.5% accuracy.

The 4 Minute Diagnosis

Changes in your metabolism and reaction time are two of the primary signs of a thyroid condition in its early stages. This will not show up in the bloodstream or pituitary function just yet, but it will be indicated at a cellular level.

Testing a patient’s reflexes gives specialists a window into the metabolic function of the body. If the responses are scored under 50, you have an overactive thyroid; over 150 and you have an underactive thyroid. Borderline is considered over 100, but less than 150, and optimal function is a score of 50 to 100. These ranges are strict to ensure that condition treatment and management are properly handled.

Patients who already have a thyroid problem can get a Thyroflex Test to make sure that they are on the right dosage of their medication. The test has only been in use about 3 years, but it shows great diagnostic promise.

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