Welcome to Dr. Melnick’s Thyroid Blog

Welcome to Dr. Melnick’s Thyroid Blog

July 21, 2013 0

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog!  My name is Dr. Hugh Melnick (my patients call me Dr. M) and I am a physician who deals with many different types of hormonal issues.  The most common one, by far, are symptoms caused by the body not getting enough of a critical hormone produced by the thyroid gland into the various cells of the body.  This is generally referred to as an “underactive” thyroid gland, or Hypothyroidism.  I have learned a great deal about this condition from both my experience in treating patients for the last 35 years and because I have the same problem myself.  My own personal ethryroidxperience with this condition has given me a great education and a unique perspective on this issue, which I am delighted to pass on to anyone seeking my help.

Let me give you an example of how the thyroid gland and thyroid hormone works.  Imagine that your body is an automobile and that the thyroid gland is the fuel pump which supplies the engine with fuel (thyroid hormone).  If the fuel pump does not work properly and the engine does not receive enough fuel the engine, the engine will not run well, if at all.  At best, the engine will run slow.  That is exactly what happens when the cells of your body do not receive enough of the proper type of thyroid hormone.

When the cells of the body do not work properly, people can experience many disturbing physical and psychological symptoms.  Since the thyroid hormone controls metabolism, any individual can have different symptoms, depending upon which type of cell is affected, if brain cells are affected, depression, memory loss, or difficulty in concentration may be experienced.  If hair cells are affected, then hair loss occurs.

What I am saying is that symptoms are important in that they indicate the nature of the problem, Sir William Osler, one of the pioneers in medicine told his students:  “If you listen to your patients long enough and carefully enough, they will give you the correct diagnosis.  If you listen to them a bit longer, they will tell you the best cure.”  Although laboratory test results are important, hearing what the patient is saying is the key to the highest level of medical practice!

That said, do you or anyone you love, always feel extremely tired?  Feel depressed?  Are unable to lose weight, despite regular exercise and a low calorie diet?  Is there bloating of the face, hands and abdomen?  Do you feel cold all the time, especially your hands and feet?  Are you losing your hair, your memory, or your sexual drive?  Do you have several bothersome, unrelated medical complaints, like pains in your muscles and joints, rashes, hives, extremely dry skin, constipation or ringing in your ears?  If the answer is “YES” to some or most of these symptoms, the problem is most likely that the various cells of your body are not getting enough thyroid hormone to operate properly.  If you are experiencing such problems, especially if you have already been diagnosed with a thyroid issue and on thyroid treatment, I encourage you to share your thoughts, experiences and insights with us.

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