Affordable & Comprehensive Thyroid Testing in NYC

Affordable & Comprehensive Thyroid Testing in NYC

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To find comprehensive – yet affordable – thyroid diagnostic testing in NYC – schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Hugh Melnick – a specialist who has successfully provided cutting-edge thyroid testing and treatment for decades in NYC. Dr. Melnick pays close attention to the diagnosis and treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism – a common condition among women suffering from infertility and recurrent miscarriage.

Affordable & Comprehensive Thyroid Testing

Your initial consultation can be conducted with Dr. Melnick via telephone, Skype or FaceTime.

  • Initial Consultation = $350
  • Follow Up Visits = $200
  • Blood Tests = $60
  • Thyroid Sonogram = $150
  • Thyroflex Testing = $150

Hypothyroidism & Infertility

When a patient is unable to conceive, she may suffer subclinical hypothyroidism. An underactive thyroid often going undiagnosed during fertility treatment. To accurately diagnose hypothyroidism as the cause of infertility, Dr. Hugh Melnick evaluates a comprehensive panel of thyroid blood tests.

Hypothyroidism Testing

Comprehensive thyroid blood testing.

– TSH – Anti-Thyroid Antibodies
– Total and Free T3 – Anti-Thyroglobin Antibodies
– Total and Free T4 – Prolactin
– Reverse T3 (rT3) – Vitamin B12/Vitamin D3

Blood Test Costs and Insurance Coverage

If you have insurance coverage for the cost of blood tests through a select laboratory – Dr. Melnick will have his staff draw your blood and send the sample to a lab participating in your insurance plan. This will save you a trip to the laboratory.

Thyroid Sonogram Cost and Insurance Coverage

Thyroid sonograms can be performed in Dr. Melnick’s office at a cost of $150, whether covered by the patient’s insurance plan or not. In some situations, to have the cost of this examination covered by insurance, the patient may be required to have it performed in a radiologist’s office participating in their plan. In both instances, the patient will be required to remit a co-pay depending on the coverage terms of their insurance plan.

Affordable & Comprehensive Thyroid Testing Expertise

Dr. Hugh Melnick – founder of Advanced Fertility Services in NYC – has over four decades of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating subclinical hypothyroidism.

Read the Doctor’s contribution to the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology about subclinical hypothyroidism and its effect on a woman’s fertility.

Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Hugh Melnick at Advanced Fertility Services by calling 212.369.8700 – or – post your comment and questions below.v

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