Do You Need to Test for Hypothyroidism?

Do You Need to Test for Hypothyroidism?

July 13, 2020 0

Undetected low levels of thyroid hormone can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease by slowing down your body’s vital functions. You should test for hypothyroidism when you are detecting even the most subtle changes in your body’s performance. Don’t discount the nonspecific signs of hypothyroidism and write these symptoms off as daily stress and fatigue.

Thyroid Test Need

Women are more likely than men to have low thyroid hormone levels. However, many of their symptoms are attributed to other conditions or written off as a consequence of aging.

For a gland only two inches in size, the thyroid has a huge influence on a woman’s health. It produces a hormone that is carried in the bloodstream to all parts of the body.

Thyroid hormone plays a major role in regulating metabolism—the process by which body cells convert nutrients into energy—and thereby helps regulate body temperature, heart rate, and even brain function. So, when thyroid hormone levels fall, the body slows.

Thyroid Test Expertise

To accurately diagnose hypothyroidism, Dr. Hugh Melnick evaluates a comprehensive panel of thyroid blood tests, conducts BBT testing, and uses the innovative thyroflex nerve conduction velocity test. Thyroflex testing determines a patient’s thyroid status based upon the measurement of conduction velocity through tendon reflex. Clinical hypothyroid patients have very slow or absent tendon reflexes.

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of two thyroid hormones – Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4). The thyroid gland is a small organ at the base of the throat that is regulates your metabolism.

Hypothyroidism and the Thyroid Gland

The pituitary gland secretes a thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) that triggers the thyroid to make and release T3 and T4 hormones.

  • Primary hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid doesn’t make enough T3 and T4 despite being instructed to do so by the pituitary gland.
  • Secondary hypothyroidism occurs when there’s too little TSH stimulating the thyroid gland.

Since blood tests cannot measure the level of intracellular T3, one way to objectively test cellular function is by measuring the speed at which a nerve impulse is conducted through nerve and muscle cells.

Thyroflex Nerve Conduction Velocity Test

The speed of nerve conduction is a little known and underutilized method of testing for and diagnosing hypothyroidism. Thyroflex testing is also optimal for determining thyroid medication dosage for symptomatic patients.

  • A tendon reflex is a movement of a muscle caused by the stimulation of a nerve that controls the muscle and causes it to move involuntarily.
  • The speed at which this reaction occurs is an indicator of cellular function.
  • The lower the speed of conduction, the lower the cellular energy and function.
  • Cellular function is ultimately controlled by T3, the most biologically active thyroid hormone.
  • Low levels of T3 within the cells of the body result in diminished cellular function, which ultimately cause people to suffer with the clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism Diagnosis

A slow rate of nerve conduction demonstrates low cellular function and confirms a diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

Expertise to Test for Hypothyroidism

Dr. Hugh Melnick – founder of Advanced Fertility Services in NYC – has decades of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating hypothyroidism. Read the Doctor’s contribution to the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology about subclinical hypothyroidism and its effect on a woman’s fertility.

Your initial consultation with the Doctor can be conducted via telephone, Skype or FaceTime.

Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Hugh Melnick at Advanced Fertility Services by calling 212.369.8700 – or – post your comments and questions below.v

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