Find a Top Thyroid Doctor Who Offers Skype Appointments

Find a Top Thyroid Doctor Who Offers Skype Appointments

February 8, 2015 0

Skype medical examinations and treatment initially served backward countries when patients were in an inaccessible area of jungle or mountain. Then it reached into the Western world’s medical care for persons stranded in snow slides or flooded areas. With technology creeping into more areas of the world, the numbers of people making Skype appointments in their country and internationally will only increase.

On the Rise

No agency tracks or requires doctors to report webcam use, a fact which was reported by Gary Capistrant, senior director of public policy at the American Telemedicine Association (ATA). During an interview with MyHealthNewsDaily, Capistrant emphasized, “it is absolutely increasing and now with those 4G phones where you video-conference from your cell phone, it is going to be much more common.”

The question is not whether to video-chat with patients, but rather how to strike a balance. Not all doctors are comfortable with relying on telecam appointments until they have seen the patient personally several times. Doctors also warn against becoming lazy by relying too much on telecommunication with their patients, especially those with life threatening conditions that may have as yet been undiagnosed.

For Skype appointments with a thyroid doctor through a computer, a doctor must be licensed in the state where he or she is located, as well as in the state where the patient is located.  This is not too inhibiting, since many doctors are licensed in more than one state already.  Patient privacy as monitored by the HIPAA must also be factored into any practice decision. Video Skype services may change the way doctors bill to accommodate Skype.

International Benefits of Skype Medical Service

The world became much smaller when technology dictated that it must. Now that doctors work with each other across the globe even in surgery, it is no stretch to realize internet access can bring patients into the doctor’s office on another continent, and therefore avail patients of the top care in any field of expertise wherever the patient and specialist are located

Skype Appointments With Thyroid Doctor

Since there are no directories at present to access Skype appointments with thyroid doctors, patients should contact the primary organization for the disease.  That person would contact the Endocrine Society or the international American Thyroid Association with members from 43 countries. By contacting the organization’s registry of available specialists and with highest accreditation certification, it is a very small feat to determine, armed with that physician’s stats, if the physician’s office is Skype-friendly. One can imagine a future with a patient’s information card stating that their Primary Thyroidologist is located in Lavigne, France, with professional consultation via Skype with another specialist in New York, and the medical listing reflecting both specialists as the surgeon in charge.

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