Who is the Best Thyroid Doctor in New York?

Who is the Best Thyroid Doctor in New York?

January 14, 2015 0

If you have suffered any or most of the symptoms associated with thyroid disease, such as weight gain and inability to lose it, sluggishness, sleep problems, or pesky dry flaky skin, you should consult a thyroidologist or endocrinologist.  The common problem in pursuing this appointment and treatment by a specialist is finding the very best in your area of the world or country.  Fortunately there are organizations in the U .S. which carry an indexed list by city and state of highly credentialed specialists and information about them.  They are the Endocrine Society, which will refer the best endocrinologists in the United States, and the international American Thyroid Association with members from 43 countries worldwide, who have top rated registers for thyroidologists. This article will introduce you to the best thyroid doctor New York.  Doctor-Thyroid

 Your Initial Conference

The staff of Dr. Hugh D. Melnick is experienced in consultations via Skype, and they welcome contact from prospective patients.  Dr. Melnick’s expertise as top thyroid doctor in New York covers all levels of thyroid disease and infertility problems associated with thyroid disease, including hypothyroidism and even cancer. His background expertise is to be found on the above referenced national and international thyroid focused organizations, plus the index of the Best Thyroid Doctor New York.

He has published scientific articles in medical literature and is the go-to authority for all matters related to thyroid. Dr. Melnick has taught medical students and  postgraduate physicians in addition to his vast practice. He is a successful author of books on medical issues for the lay person and makes frequent appearances on Sirius Doctor Radio, during which the top rated thyroid doctor in New York answers phoned in questions from patients across our entire country about hypothyroidism and infertility.

Vast Range of Experience

The thyroid is a small gland in your lower throat but the little gland governs a vast territory including weight, energy, concentration or focus, and has a high propensity for hosting cysts and tumors both benign and malignant.  All thyroid gland problems or diseases should be treated with immediate respect by the patient and with medical treatment by a top rated specialist.

Unique Treatment Approach  

Dr. Melnick’s specialization experience permitted him expertise in the development of a unique approach to the previously unclear procedure for diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism. He has recognized hypothyroidism  badly affects every part of the human body, creating an array of unpleasant symptoms which interfere with enjoying a productive and enjoyable life. Dr. Melnick states that one of his greatest joys is to see his patients who were very ill become symptom free and well. Dr. Hugh D. Melnick believes all of his patients deserve that privilege.

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