How to Book Skype Appointments with Thyroid Doctors in the United States

How to Book Skype Appointments with Thyroid Doctors in the United States

January 12, 2015 0

Skype Appointments with Thyroid Doctor

Skype is becoming an essential tool for physicians, hospitals and long distance patients. The ability to conference call with video components has opened new possibilities for all medical fields from the laboratory to the surgery theater.

Private Patients Can Utilize Skype

Doctor-NYC-ThyroidIf you desire Skype appointments with thyroid doctor who is a long distance physician or one in another country, you can avail yourself of a video consultation via Skype. All you require is the phone line and webcam software which is installed on your computer, with similar equipment in your physician’s office:

  1. Make sure you have properly installed your webcam and it is working well;
  2. Download Skype for free at Skype’s website and create an account
  3. Add your physician’s number to your Skype Accounts to be called;
  4. Telephone your physician’s office by regular telephone to schedule your Skype appointment time;
  5. On day and time of your Skype appointments with thyroid doctor, make the Skype video call to your doctor promptly.

Be aware of any timing for Skype appointments, which require more office time than in-office examinations, so apply for any Skype appointments with thyroid doctor a week or more in advance.

Tips for Successful Conference

  • Use a wired connection in lieu of wireless connection for better Skype internet quality.
  • Download and install the latest version of Skype software into your system.
  • Close other programs running on your computer, as they will slow Skype.
  • Ensure your webcam, microphone, and speakers all are working well.
  • Find a quiet place without distractions. If you are new to Skype, you might benefit from a practice session with a friend before your medical Skype appointment.

Have At Your Fingertips

Make the following lists to have at your side during the Skype conference, to enable you to intelligently and quickly answer questions the doctor may ask. It is very easy to forget to tell him something quite important while on the phone.

Skype Appointments Scheduled With Thyroid Doctor

  • List all of your symptoms or troublesome experiences to fully detail to your doctor;
  • List all medications you are taking;
  • List miscarriages or failed pregnancies,
  • Any bloodline relative who had or has thyroid issues

Hugh D. Melnick, M.D. – New York City – Thyroidologist

Dr. Hugh Melnick received his medical training in the USA and London, specializing in three specializations of thyroidology, ob/gyn to help patients suffering complications of thyroid disease, including those causing infertility. He opened the first In Vitro clinic in NYC and is still its Director. He has gained a reputation as the go-to authority for all matters regarding the thyroid gland and issues, including cancer. His office is Skype equipped. Contact him for appointments.

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