New York’s Best Thyroid Doctors and Thyroid Centers

New York’s Best Thyroid Doctors and Thyroid Centers

January 8, 2015 0

Thyroid Doctor New York

The major thyroid specialization centers in New York City and their top thyroid doctor New York carry credentials worthy of a technological think-tank, complete with nuclear medicine. The four top thyroid centers in New York City and their top doctors include:

  • Columbia University – NY Thyroid Center

The newly opened thyroid biopsy clinic offers single day evaluation of thyroid nodules, cutting the time of diagnosis and further treatment to a fraction of what it has been.

Doctor-NYCNYP/Columbia’s thyroid center offers streamlined thyroid nodule evaluation. Under the guidance of Jennifer H. Kuo, MD, Director, and top thyroid doctor new york ,the thyroid clinic features multi-collaboration for on-site performance and evaluation of fine needle aspiration biopsies.

  • New York Presbyterian Hospital – Thyroid Oncology Department

Robert McConnell, MD is a vital part of the New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Thyroid Oncology Department and a top thyroid doctor new york. His department is prominent in treatment of all thyroid cancers. Nearly two thirds of thyroid cancers strike patients between the ages of 20 and 55, making it one of the earliest of all cancers.

  • New York Head & Neck Institute –

The Center for Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgery of the New York Head & Neck Institute offers a specialist in practically every type of thyroid disease, including parathyroid. The Center is the focal point for up-to-date information about thyroid and parathyroid disease. Dr. Daniel Kuriloff performs the Center’s ultra sound and surgical procedures on thyroid and parathyroid glands. The Institute’s reputation for excellence permits them to draw physicians and other specialists from the entire nation and international sources.

  • Mount Sinai Hospital – Thyroid and Endocrine Center

The thyroid and endocrine center for treatment and surgery of Mount Sinai Hospital is an asset to the medical community. The function of the thyroid is production of a hormone thyroxine, which controls the body’s metabolism. This determines the rate the heart moves, and gastrointestinal tract performance. Thyroxine affects bone loss as well as how a body makes and uses sugar. The Thyroid and Endocrine Center of Mount Sinai has one of the most highly regarded departments for treatment and cure of thyroid diseases. Drs. Alice Levine and William Inabnet III are top surgeons of thyroid and parathyroid at Mount Sinai.

Hugh D. Melnick, M.D. – Thyroidologist/OB/GYN – NY, NY- Thyroid Doctor New York

Dr, Melnick. top thyroid doctor new york, has a Skype enabled office for long distance and foreign patients, particularly for their first consultation. Dr. Melnick was educated in the USA and London, and carries three specializations due to his interest in treating complications of thyroid diseases causing infertility: Thyroidology, Ob/Gyn. Contact his office today if you have family history of thyroid disease or if you have any possible symptoms.

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