What Are All The Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

What Are All The Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

June 2, 2014 0

What Are All The Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

There are over 300 symptoms of hypothyroidism. It would be impossible to list them all in a single article. This medical condition is particularly common in women over the age of 50.  137952106_sm

A Common Thread of Progression

Rather than list all possible symptoms of hypothyroidism; we’ve chosen to list one of the most common symptomatic progressions. According to ehealthmd.com, this is the typical presentation most patients go through:

•Most symptoms, such as lower heart rate, tiredness, poor memory or difficulty in thinking, and even constipation, are due to inadequate stimulation of the various organs in the body due to insufficient amounts of thyroid hormone.

•Other symptoms, such as inability to tolerate cold environments, are directly due to the decrease in heat generated within the body by slowed metabolic activity.

Most people with hypothyroidism will experience some of the following symptoms:
•Slow heart rate
•Inability to tolerate cold
•Weight gain (usually 5 to 10 pounds)
•Emotional depression
•Drowsiness, even after sleeping through the night
•Heavy or irregular menstrual periods (in premenopausal women)
•Muscle cramps

Later symptoms of hypothyroidism include:
•Dry, flaky skin
•Hair loss
•Impaired memory and difficulty in thinking
•A deepening voice
•A numb sensation in the arms and legs
•Puffiness in the face, especially around the eyes (a condition called myxedema, which is an indication that the disease has become serious)

The Other Side of the Coin

It is also important to point out that patients younger than age 50 can also exhibit symptoms of hypothyroidism. Younger patients are more likely to have issues with their menstrual cycle and fertility due to the condition.

If you are of child-bearing age, it is extremely important to get your thyroid function checked regularly once you are pregnant. A hormone deficiency within the gland can cause miscarriages. It is also more likely that you will have difficulty conceiving if your hormone levels are low.

Remember, thyroid hormone is responsible for organ, cellular, and metabolic function throughout the body. It’s essential that hormone production remain in balance to safeguard your overall health.

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