NYC Doctors For Brain Fog and Memory Loss

NYC Doctors For Brain Fog and Memory Loss

May 15, 2014 0

NYC Doctors For Brain Fog and Memory Loss

Perimenopause can cause all sorts of issues within the body. The reduction in estrogen actually sets off a chemical imbalance in the brain, which can leave you feeling confused and muddled.  2-1

These short-term memory problems are temporary, but this biological trigger can also mask another cause of brain fog: hypothyroidism.

The Link between Thyroid Problems and Menopause

Menopause causes a hormone imbalance in the body that can set off a cascade of symptoms, including brain fog. However, your body’s decrease in estrogen isn’t the only hormone imbalance you might face.

Your thyroid gland is also capable of a hormone imbalance. If it starts to produce too much or too little hormone, the effects can start to impact you on a cellular, metabolic, and even neurological functions.  This is where brain fog comes into play.

Patients describe the symptoms of the fog like this:

  •  losing your train of thought in mid-sentence
  • not being able to recall even the simplest words
  •  feeling as if you’re stumbling through a thick, heavy, mental haze through-out your day

The difficulty is if thyroid problems and menopause hit around the same time, it can be difficult to tell the two causes apart, which explains why patients in treatment for menopause may not find their symptoms relieved.

Seeing through the Eyes of a Specialist

If you are in treatment for menopause and still suffer from the following symptoms:



short-term memory loss

inability to think clearly


mood swings


It’s time to talk to a specialist about your thyroid gland.

A specialist knows to check for signs of an underactive thyroid and adrenal fatigue. If the markers are present for either of these conditions, thyroid hormone replacement will help manage the production within your gland. It does not mean that every episode of brain fog will be eliminated, but they will be greatly reduced, especially if hormone replacement is supported by diet and exercise.

The important thing to realize is that you can bring the body back into balance, even if multiple imbalances are going on at the same time.

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