What Are The Side Effects of An Exhausted Adrenal Gland

What Are The Side Effects of An Exhausted Adrenal Gland

May 14, 2014 0

What Are The Side Effects of An Exhausted Adrenal Gland

Adrenal exhaustion is not recognized by the mainstream medical community as a health concern until it becomes acute, otherwise known as adrenal failure. Long before that happens, patients with the condition will struggle with symptoms they do not fully understand.  Doctor-Thyroid-NYC

Living Life on a Pendulum

Adrenal exhaustion is a study of extremes. It can be set off when the glands, located on your kidneys, become stressed or overtaxed. What happens next usually looks something like this:

You will start out feeling unnaturally fatigued. This feeling will continue well into the evening hours. Suddenly you will experience a burst of energy around dinner time. The energy will last between 2 and 4 hours, before you collapse in exhaustion again. However, if you push through this second bought of exhaustion, you will have too much energy to sleep.

In short, it can feel like you are living on an energy pendulum, at the mercy of whichever way it swings. Generally, people with adrenal exhaustion begin living on caffeine. They rely on the false energy boost of coffee and fail to realize that they are stressing their adrenal function even further.

The stress response makes you feel unwell, but there are other symptoms to look for as well.

The Symptoms of Adrenal Distress

Everyone gets moody now and again, but your adrenal glands help you respond to stress. When they aren’t in full working order, you are unable to respond to or handle stress.

The intolerance leads to depression and feeling overwhelmed on a regular basis. Stay in this state too long and your body will go on autopilot to try and fix the problem. This is when food cravings will begin.

Patients with adrenal exhaustion crave:

  • Salt
  • Fat

They avoid:

  • ¬†Potassium
  • Carbohydrates

These elements are too complex for an adrenal imbalanced body to breakdown.

Back pain above the kidneys and irregular pupil dilation can also occur with adrenal problems. If this sounds like an odd, and often missed, combination of symptoms, that’s because it is. It takes an expert to spot the problem. Most doctors will try to treat what they see with anti-depressants.

Don’t settle for drugs that do nothing. Talk to a specialist about what your treatment options really are. You do not need to suffer. There is help available.

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