The Top 8 Resources For Finding a Great Thyroid Specialist in NYC

The Top 8 Resources For Finding a Great Thyroid Specialist in NYC

April 24, 2014 0

The Top 8 Resources For Finding a Great Thyroid Specialist in NYC

It can be much harder than people initially think to find a good thyroid doctor. You need a specialist who genuinely cares about restoring your health. You need someone who will see you as more than just a laboratory printout.  Doctor-Thyroid-NYC

Your specialist needs to be able to get to know you so they understand what “normal” is for you. Where are these specialists? The good news is that you don’t have to look very far. We’ve collected eight resources to give you a solid starting point.

8 Specialty Resources Every Thyroid Patient Should Have

These are a few go-to resources that will help you find the best specialist for your individual case:

Resource #1: Top Thyroid Doctors Directory – Lists the top specialists both domestically and internationally. They range from endocrinologists to various thyroid specialists and integrative physicians.

Resource #2: Thyroid Sexy Facebook Page – Gina Lee Nolan was one of the first celebrities to talk openly about thyroid conditions. She has dedicated much of her life to raising awareness and uses her Facebook page to post doctor references from her followers.

Resource #3: Thyroid Change Doctors List – Rates doctors based on patient reviews and the physicians’ willingness to do the full thyroid panel and offer medication alternatives.

Resource #4: Online patient groups – Talking to other patients often results in benefits you may not have thought of. One of these benefits is finding the right thyroid doctor; one that comes fully endorsed by patients. It takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation.

Resource #5: experts – There are interviews on this website from several doctors. These guests share their insight and approach to providing optimum treatment in every patient.

Resource #6: Coalition for Better Thyroid Care – This website offers links to visitors and is backed by several accredited associations.

Resource #7: Find a Functional Medicine Practitioner – These specialists look at the underlying causes of disease and then treat it with a whole person approach.

Resource #8: RLC labs website with doctor locator feature – The company makes natural thyroid products and includes a “find a thyroid doctor” locator button on the screen.

These options and more are available on various websites. Use them to find the resources you need.

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