Similarities Between Common Thyroid Medications

Similarities Between Common Thyroid Medications

January 16, 2014 0

Similarities Between Common Thyroid Medications

Debate is a natural part of conventional medicine. Whether it boils down to evaluating two different approaches to treatment or simply a difference of opinion, a healthy debate has been responsible for many of the medical breakthroughs we have today.  Doctor-Thyroid

What does debate have to do with common thyroid medications? Currently, quite a bit. January 1st marks the 6 month countdown to the conclusion of an exciting study in endocrinology that has been more than two years in the making.

Answering a Central Question

There have always been two main categories that thyroid medications are divided into:

  • Natural desiccated thyroid drugs
  • Biochemical synthetic thyroid drugs

Conventional endocrinology has routinely argued against the use of naturally derived treatments, saying they are not an effective alternative. Supporters of the natural treatment protocols say that these are both common thyroid medications and that one drug deserves credence as much as the other.

When the study in Bethesda, Maryland concludes this summer, and the results are tallied, it appears we will finally have an answer as to whether there is a link between these common thyroid medications or not.

Embracing the “Fringe” Mentality

In 2012, researchers embarked on their scientific journey to answer one basic question: do both natural and synthetic thyroid drugs offer patients a decrease in their symptoms?

Traditionalists have always contended that natural drugs, like Armour are only used by patients on the medical fringe – that these drugs do not offer a comparative improvement in the:

  • Severity of symptoms
  • Cognitive function
  • General well-being
  • Quality of life

As clearly seen in thyroid patients on synthetic drugs.

This argument continues to be made despite all evidence to the contrary. For instance, there are over 200 million active prescriptions for natural thyroid drugs in circulation domestically – even more are given internationally.  This means that there is likely a commonality between the two drug groups, but it will take quantifying the results of a two-year, double-blind study to be sure.

The participant pool is made up of patients with thyroid conditions that have been on synthetic drugs for 6 months or more. Some patients will stay on their current course of treatment; others will switch courses to a natural drug derivative.  Specialists on both sides of the debate are anticipating the results.

They have the potential to transform the way natural treatments are viewed within the medical field. Securing a well-researched endorsement turns a matter of preference into a life-saving alternative; especially for patients that don’t respond well to the standard treatments. Come May, we will see what the future of thyroid treatment holds for all concerned.

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