Can an Underactive Thyroid Cause Fatigue

Can an Underactive Thyroid Cause Fatigue

December 17, 2013 0

Can an Underactive Thyroid Cause Fatigue

Yes, an underactive thyroid can cause fatigue, but like we’ve said before, that’s one symptom out of several that can indicate you have a thyroid condition. More importantly, fatigue coupled a the thyroid condition can mean several different things. To manage your diagnosis properly, you need to know what those things are and how to handle them if you start feeling the adverse effects.

How do I tell the difference between normal fatigue and the fatigue brought on by underactive thyroid?

The best thing you can do is run a symptom comparison. Take an underactive thyroid quiz and find out how many symptoms align with how you’re feeling. If fatigue is on the list, how would you describe it? Patients NYC-Thyroidwith an underactive thyroid often describe their level of fatigue as, “bone-numbing,” or “tiredness that makes it difficult for me to lift my head off of the pillow every morning.”

The recommended amount of sleep still stands at 7 1/2 to 8 hours. People with thyroid conditions often need more than the recommended amount, even after their treatment is optimized. Remembering to take your medication and to cut calories aren’t the only changes you may need to make to support a healthy post-diagnosis lifestyle. Thyroid patients recommend adding at least an hour to your normal sleep schedule; taking the total hours to 8 1/2 or 9.

Fatigue is a tricky thing. Assuming that you have been successfully diagnosed and treated for your thyroid condition, after these adjustments are made you shouldn’t feel exhausted anymore, right? Maybe.

My thyroid condition has been treated, so why do I still feel tired?

Remember the recommended amount of sleep we mentioned earlier? It turns out, 2 out of 10 Americans admit to getting six hours of sleep or less a night. An estimated 40% of adults say that they are tired enough during the day that it interferes with their daily activities.

There are two more factors that can cause fatigue in a person with an underactive thyroid:

  1. Sleep deprivation
  2. Sleep apnea

If you are sleep deprived on a regular basis, your thyroid condition will aggravate these effects.

You need to safeguard yourself as much as possible against getting sleep deprived. Make changes to your lifestyle, routine, and sleep hygiene habits so that you’re getting enough rest. If the problem persists, talk to your doctor about how you are feeling and get a referral to a sleep specialist.

A sleep specialist can evaluate you for sleep apnea. Patients with thyroid conditions have increased risk of developing a sleep condition like sleep apnea or insomnia. These conditions need to be professionally treated, or they will cause long-term and possibly fatal health problems.  Don’t Ignore the signs.

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